Our favourite books! Nos livres préférés !

Here you will find a list of our favourite books. Some of them you cannot get anymore (or they are very expensive!) so we feel very lucky to have them!

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Thursday 4 May 2017
by  Natha

Le lapin qui avait une tétine

If you haven’t got much time but would like to read a story in French to your class... this one is perfect! It is easy, visual, fun... You could also use it to teach the imperfect of course! It can work around Easter time... After all, it is about a (...)

Wednesday 4 March 2015
by  Natha


Those of you who know me will know my favourite books to read in French are not translated from English or books the children are familiar with... However there is a place for all books and for World Book Day 2015 I decided to read Elmer as it was a recommended book... and the children have (...)

Wednesday 3 December 2014
by  Natha

Petit-Bleu et Petit-Jaune

All children love this book, all the way to Y6!!! I often use it as an introduction to story-telling as it is very simple. It appeals to little ones’ imagination and helps to start developing their deduction skills in French; the vocabulary they pick up from it is amazing! You can make it very (...)

Thursday 27 November 2014
by  Natha

Petite taupe ouvre-moi ta porte!

You could use this book when you’ve been teaching pets in French and want to look at extra fun animals; it is great to look at pronouns and their positions in French sentences; it also helps to make children aware of certain sounds, like "-euil", and rhymes. Finally, it is a lovely story about (...)

Sunday 16 November 2014
by  Natha

Tout noir, tout blanc

We like this book because it opens up at the end and you can use the last page to reinforce the main vocabulary from the story. It also helps to reinforce the message that some of us have different skin colours but we are one big (...)









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