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Thursday 1 October 2015
by  Natha

Visit to Consett Academy (our 1st secondary school RaLFF visit!)

The week beginning 6th July, I had the privilege of welcoming Jake, a Y12 student at Consett Academy, to join me for a week of work experience. Typically though it was the only week I didn’t have a storytelling visit planned!! I therefore decided to offer one, for free, to his school; his French (...)

Thursday 30 July 2015
by  Natha

Visits to Roseberry Primary, Pelton and Lakeside Primary, Doncaster

I so wish I could film children when they first get on our mobile library and/or take pictures of them when they are listening to a story or working on it... Having said that, nothing can beat being there!!
The visit at Roseberry was very special because I have now been teaching the children (...)

Monday 29 June 2015
by  Natha

Visits to Mountfield Primary School, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne

This week we spent 2 and a half days at Mountfield Primary School...which was a lot of fun! I actually feel bad asking for money for my work there as it was so enjoyable!! What made it special is I have been working on and off with that school for over 10 years and have helped them with their (...)

Thursday 18 June 2015
by  Natha

Visit to Lingey House Primary School on 18/06/15

On Thursday 18th June, RaLFF went to visit the school which won the competition to name him. Nicola, their French teacher, warned us that the children were very excited about it... and that was an understatement! They were so keen and enthusiastic, especially as they got on the bus, wide-eyed, (...)

Thursday 11 June 2015
by  Natha

This week le Bibliobook got a name and it was officially launched!!

Local primaries were contacted and asked to suggest a name for our mobile library. The jury of 6 people was unanimous: it had to be RaLFF! It was suggested by Callum Jubb, a pupil at Lingey House Primary and Nursery School and won him a French picture book... It also won his school a free visit (...)









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