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Monday 10 July 2017
by  Natha

Odette Hunt Network: Annual Conference in Bury 03/07/17

I feel so privileged to have been invited to be part of a positive and motivating day in Bury with Odette Hunt alongside Erzsi Culshaw who was inspiring us all to get involved more with etwinning. Thank you to all who were there for making me feel so welcome!
Please find my presentations (...)

Thursday 4 May 2017
by  Natha

UK Lingua 2017: switching from one language to another during our lessons and how we manage those transitions

I am very proud to say that I helped to organise the UK Lingua conference this year and it was a great success: the atmosphere was friendly as well as supportive and we all learned so much! OK, we ran out of drinks on the Saturday lunchtime and we will learn from that... It didn’t take anything (...)

Tuesday 28 March 2017
by  Natha

Language World 2017: how languages support literacy

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting this on 24th March 2017 at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham as part of the ALL’s Language World 2017. I hope you find it useful too! Feel free to use to discourage the withdrawal of children from languages (...)

Monday 20 March 2017
by  Natha

Royal Greenwich Teaching School Alliance: cross-phase languages network meeting 17/03/17

I was very kindly invited to deliver some training at the above meeting by Susi Sahmland and Maggie Croxford. We looked at the "Use of Authentic Resources and Picture Books at KS2 and KS3". It was a lovely occasion and you can find my presentations below; not quite as good as being there on the (...)

Wednesday 25 January 2017
by  Natha

Durham Primary Network 25/01/17: Schemes of work for use at KS2 - a non-comprehensive list!

You will find in the presentation below a list and links to various schemes of work available KS2: some free, some available for a one-off fee and others on subscription. Please do let me know if you would like to recommend others and I will gladly add (...)









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