Visits to Roseberry Primary, Pelton and Lakeside Primary, Doncaster

Thursday 30 July 2015
by  Natha
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I so wish I could film children when they first get on our mobile library and/or take pictures of them when they are listening to a story or working on it... Having said that, nothing can beat being there!!

The visit at Roseberry was very special because I have now been teaching the children since September and this was a treat for all of them. The 2 highlights of my afternoon were: firstly, a Y4 pupil asked me if I had a book on the history of France because she loves history. I picked out a book for children on WWII, all in French, which she held as if it was a treasure. When I’d read a story to the whole class and the pupils had to leave, she reluctantly handed it back to me and said: "I wish I’d had time to read it!". The genuineness and innocence of that comment made my heart melt...

Secondly, a group of Y6 pupils came on and we all worked on Asterix. It was hot that afternoon (yes, we did get some lovely weather at the end of June!) and at one point I looked around: the pupils looked so chilled, sitting on their cushions, working on their reading skills without even realising it... I thought: "Yes, that’s how learning should take place!". I felt so pleased for them and so proud. The pupils were great at completing the French challenges too!!

Later in the week, on Thursday 2nd July, I got to drive le Bibliobook down to Doncaster: its longest journey to date! Ok, it did take a lot longer than planned to get there because of an accident on the motorway but we did make it to Lakeside Primary School in time for the bus to be locked up safely for the night.

On Friday 3rd July, we were made to feel so welcome by every single member of staff, it was amazing. We were even invited to the staff briefing before the French day started. Everyone had made such an effort for the occasion!! Throughout the day, every single class in school from nursery to Y6 came on le Bibliobook for a 20-minute session; they got to look around and a story was read to them in French (not the same story to everyone of course, there was plenty of variety!). It really flew by! At breaktime, there was an assembly where the winners of the French dressing up competition in each class were revealed: we were blown away by the originality of the outfits! At lunchtime, every member of staff serving food was also dressed up and the menu was all in French. The whole atmosphere was so wonderful!

2 things were an eye opener for me on this visit: 1st of all, several people asked me what my accent was. I am so used to working in the north east and being identified as "Geordie-French" there that I wasn’t prepared for it but I hope pupils and staff could understand me ha! The second thing, which I loved, was the mixture of nationalities and cultures in the school. We don’t see that much of it in the north east; the feedback I got from one Bibliobook visit even said it was an event for the children to meet someone from another country! In Lakeside, a few of the children did not even speak that much English. However, they all coped very well with the French!! I loved every minute in that school which had such a caring feel to it.

You can also find an account of the day by Karen McGrae, the deputy head, here. I truly hope we can work together again in the future... even maybe, as Karen suggested, for more than a day so each class can get a little longer on our bus next time!! 









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