Le Bibliobook took over Natta-Lingo this week!!

Wednesday 1 July 2015
by  Natha
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How do I write a blog about this week’s lessons?? So much of it has taken place on RaLFF!!

It’s only at St Mary’s that we didn’t take le Bibliobook as we teach Spanish there. We were doing revision with our 2 classes on Monday, lessons which were very similar to last week’s and you can read about here: nothing boring about our kind of revision!!

We took the mobile library to Shotley Bridge Nursery for the second time on Tuesday. I was planning to read to the children "Une Souris Verte" and had my book box with all the artefacts ready... including a drawer!! 2 things happened though which wouldn’t have happened if I had been in a classroom: firstly this little boy spotted "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" in French and asked for me to read it, which I did of course, and even though I totally improvised my activities it went really well and they loved it! It is even making me consider getting more stories which the children are already familiar with... Secondly this other boy, quite new to French, who hadn’t seemed to enjoy the sessions that much so far, totally LOVED being on the bus!! He said to me he was going to tell his mum all about it and he wanted to drive one when he was older!! His face was totally beaming!! Such special moments... I am very lucky to be doing this job!!

I also took RaLFF to Roseberry Primary for this week’s lessons... but I think I’ll save details about that for RaLFF’s weekly blog to be published after his visit to Doncaster!! 









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