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Monday 5 December 2016
by  Natha
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Today’s book is not a story book for a change, however it is definitely worth bearing in mind if you know children who are going to go to France, either on a school trip or with family... or children who have an interest in French! I am going to buy a few copies of it and have them as very special prizes in school; I will also recommend that my pupils who are due to go to France in July buy it ahead of their journey.

I met its French authors at the Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse in Montreuil (just outside Paris) at the weekend. My daughter wanted to buy the German version of this book (made for French children) straight away!! It is very attractive (not just to children either!) and easy to get into. She spent the next couple of days dipping in and out of it!

Something else I like about it is its size; it can easily fit into a pocket or a small bag and therefore be there for the children all the time, it is very handy!

Its pronunciation guide, like any, is approximate but with a basic knowledge of French already acquired in school your little ones will be flying with it!

In the book, you will also find a lot about basic topics which we teach to our children in primary schools (also secondary!) so it could also be very useful for those pupils who just love French and want to revisit vocabulary and phrases at home and learn more!

All in all I strongly recommend you look at this book for yourselves and your children/pupils. You can buy it here and check out their other amazing books (like "Paris for kids" and "the fantastic French"); alternatively you will also find it on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

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