L’automne arrive

Monday 10 October 2016
by  Natha
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I only acquired this cute book recently as I had seen it recommended here and also in France. I wish they used capital letters in the story but I think they have been missed out because the story was intended for little ones. If you use it for listening and speaking purposes, it is not an issue.

Language of text : French
Type of text : story book
Author or source : Altan
Intended age of students : Key Stage 1/2
Source reference : 9782211064781

Approaches :

This is a lovely simple story which the children will be able to relate to and it can be read to introduce the topic of autumn or anything to do with the weather. It just needs to be shared with a class who will quickly be able to join in with the simple sentences but also simple actions to go with each page.

Rationale :
I want to use it because of this simplicity which will make the children feel that they can be part of the story. The story can also be re-written to apply to the other seasons.

Outcomes :
The children will benefit from an increase in confidence as they realise that they can understand then tell a whole story in French ; they will pick up on new words which they may not have known ; they will enjoy writing their own stories about the other seasons as they will have to think carefully about what represents each one.

Topics or themes :
daily routine ; hobbies ; seasons ; weather

Grammar :
3rd person singular and plural of high frequency verbs

How much time required :

1 to 2 lessons

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